Singapore Creator Awards 2021

Singapore Creator Awards 2021

Congratulations to the Winners of the Singapore Creator Awards 2021.

The winners are selected based on the combined results from a panel of judges (80%) and public voting (20%).


New Potential Star Award

Opal: Bubble Hand Sanitiser
John Marie Tan, Gui Xixian, Ho Yijing, Edwind Tan

Our hands are the most common channel for the spread of viruses. Using a smart Passive Infrared sensor, Opal dispenses rinse-free sanitizing bubbles continuously for 3 seconds. Hands can be sanitised without the risk of exposure to the virus by contacting unnecessary surfaces. The attractiveness of the bottle’s curvy form encourages people to interact with it, helping to ease tension amidst the pandemic.

Inclusive Design Award

Tan Ying

Apart from being user-friendly and convenient, the interface of digital payment apps must be safe and trustworthy. With its list format touch screen interface and voice command feature, Sens lets AI become the eyes of the visually-impaired, assisting them to complete payment on the app. The thoughtful design inspires the spirit of goodwill.


Chua Zixin

Tactell comes in eight colours with different textures. By feeling the texture, visually-impaired individuals are able to select clothes of varied colour combinations on their own. This helps them to be independent and improve their self-care skills.

To-Gather Apart
Thet Naung Oo

A semi-concentric floor mural design with a 2m by 2m grid system that helps people maintain a safe distance in a beautiful landscape. This simple design is easy to apply and can be replicated without much effort.

Small Joys
Nysha Tan

Inspiring moments of joy and achievements in life are encapsulated in a collage of stickers and shared with friends on Instagram or Facebook. Through the simple gesture of sharing, the creator hopes that users are able to spread happiness to their friends and families.

Lim Wei Bin

It’s not only a table, but also a chair. Sitting down for hours could cause a blockage to the flow of blood and Qi. With the multi-functional table, the user will be able to stand up to move about and adjust his posture when necessary. This will help to eliminate the burden on the body caused by long hours of sitting. The curvy design is aesthetically pleasing, and evokes a sense of serenity and elegance.

A Study Pod for Young Learners
Qin Mi, Guo Zucheng, Guo Shucheng, Guo Hang

Home-based learning is the new normal for most students. However, not every household can afford a study desk for their children. At a low of $20, Study Pod can be assembled into a table and a chair, and a partition with built-in LED light, to provide the user with a personal study space. The fun DIY pod can be easily assembled by children and adjusted according to various heights or preferences.



Soap Stickers
Kevin Chiam

Washing our hands frequently keeps viruses away. How can we encourage young children to wash their hands? The soap-coated stickers are to be pasted on a child's hands before washing. A surprise is unveiled when the top film of soap is washed off, thus motivating children to wash hands with much joy and wonder. This simple and thoughtful design can help children to cultivate a good hand-washing habit.

Poppi Desk
Adriel Chua

Working from home and home-based-learning are the norm during the circuit breaker period. Many people encounter space constraints at home or are in need of an office desk. Poppi Desk can be easily assembled and when not in use, it can be folded up and stored.

Dim Sum Warriors
Woo Yen Yen

The bilingual animation multimedia teaching aid encourages children who are on home-based learning to expand their knowledge. By using cute and funny animations, it helps young ones cope with the stress of learning Chinese and enjoy lessons. Besides print and online content, the design incorporates a livestream segment to promote interaction.


Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts