Singapore Creator Awards 2021

Singapore Creator Awards 2021


1. Little Red Dot
Andy Koh

During the Circuit Breaker, people who stay at home rely on handphones or mobile devices to cheer each other on. Little Red Dot sticker packs feature humorous and funny images created to encourage Singaporeans to stay positive and strong together to fight the pandemic. The messages on the stickers are drawn from news content urging all to wash hands frequently, keep a social distance, not spread fake news etc.

Nguyen Linh

A sedentary lifestyle due to studying or working from home can cause health issues. The dual-function Wobble not only allows one to sit and focus on work, its sitting base can also be detached and used as an exercise tool. Made of birch plywood, it is strong and sturdy enough to be used for push-up exercises.

3. Talking Textiles
Lionel Wong & Jamela Law

Due to the pandemic, people avoid social gatherings and the world becomes divided. However, technology keeps us closely connected. The pair of interactive wearable hooded scarves can connect loved ones who are oceans apart via wireless communication platforms and music-sharing. Sewn with embroidered pattern buttons with a special touch sensitive feature, it is able to transform touches into notes. The wearer’s healthcare data like heartbeat rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc, is collected via the garment's fabric and transmitted to healthcare personnel.

4. Happy Mask Holder
Kyoko Yoshino & Araki Akiko

Wearing a mask can feel stuffy and humid. Kyoko Yoshino, a Japanese media coordinator who has been a Singapore resident for the past 34 years, created an auspicious charm for the mask-holder using Rudraksha seeds and saga seeds. Rudraksha seeds convey good blessings while saga seeds are a symbol of love and affection. Herbs like lemongrass, yuzu or lavender can be placed in the mask's inner pocket. Exquisitely hand made with beautiful decorative symbols and refreshing scents, it is truly designed for the new normal.

5. Soap Stickers
Kevin Chiam

Washing our hands frequently keeps viruses away. How can we encourage young children to wash their hands? The soap-coated stickers are to be pasted on a child's hands before washing. A surprise is unveiled when the top film of soap is washed off, thus motivating children to wash hands with much joy and wonder. This simple and thoughtful design can help children to cultivate a good hand-washing habit.

6. Yolk Cosmetics
Kevin Chiam

Since ancient times, natural food colours have been used to produce beauty products. During the Circuit Breaker period, people have come to realise the importance of food resources. Many consumers are picky when buying fruits and vegetables, avoiding ugly-looking or bruised ones. To remind people not to waste food, the designer turned waste into treasure by using tomatoes, strawberries, sweet potatoes, etc., to produce a range of beauty products.

7. Poppi Desk
Adriel Chua

Working from home and home-based-learning are the norm during the circuit breaker period. Many people encounter space constraints at home or are in need of an office desk. Poppi Desk can be easily assembled and when not in use, it can be folded up and stored.

8. Arch: Table partition
Royson Tan

Red cross marks or plastic sheets are often used to maintain social distances. However, we can add an aesthetic touch to soften the implementation of these measures. The design of Arch is inspired by the scenery of a mountain range. Seven pieces of curved wood are used to form a unique office mountainscape. The grey pad can also be used as a notice board.

9. Dim Sum Warriors
Woo Yen Yen

The bilingual animation multimedia teaching aid encourages children who are on home-based learning to expand their knowledge. By using cute and funny animations, it helps young ones cope with the stress of learning Chinese and enjoy lessons. Besides print and online content, the design incorporates a livestream segment to promote interaction.