Singapore Creator Awards 2021

Singapore Creator Awards 2021

Inclusive Design Award

A special category jointly presented by Singapore Creator Awards and

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Are you up to the challenge to design an inclusive and seamless dining experience?

Making an online reservation, arriving at and leaving a restaurant, ordering, dining and making payment are all part of a dining-out experience. While these seem routine and relatively manageable to most consumers, each task could pose a potential barrier to persons with disabilities. For example, inaccessible web reservation portals, manual doors at entrances, cramped tight dining spaces, unsuitable cutleries, untrained service staff and even limited payment options. What if we considered how we could design systems, interfaces, environments or communications that are accessible to all?

There is a business case for dining outlets to be inclusive, enticing persons with disabilities and their families and friends to patronise and grow as loyal customers. With Singapore’s ageing population, the prevalence of people with frailty and some form of disability will grow. Being inclusive is part of future-proofing a business.

The winning entry will be awarded a cash prize of $5,000, and possible opportunity to be piloted in a real F&B environment should it be deemed adoptable.

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative
    1. Original and not found in Singapore; or a creative adaptation of ideas to suit our local context
    2. Able to offer a new way of design thinking with a clear value proposition that has the potential to be implemented in Singapore’s food and beverage scene
    3. Unique in creating a new system or product design that incorporates the essential elements of what an enjoyable dining out experience is for persons with disabilities
  • Functional
    1. User-centric and has considered the principles of Inclusive/Universal Design that is able to benefit a wide range of users
    2. Conceptualised to suit a wide range of dining outlets and options
    3. Easy to understand and intuitive for all users to address the unmet needs effectively
  • Scalable
    1. Able to be easily scaled (when fully developed) to a large number of food and beverage outlets in one to two years, and possibly in the Enabling Village
    2. Able to leverage on existing systems and structures of the existing food and beverage sector in Singapore
    3. Low/affordable cost for adoption


When you submit your design via our entry form, simply check against the box "To be considered for Inclusive Design Award".

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